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You are now BELFYRE. That's a silly statement. You've always been Belfyre.

Around 2 hours ago, you finished reading a particularly heartbreaking Homestuck fanfic. That explains the strange writing style you've decided to indulge in right now.

Around 2 days ago, you saw your friends freak out about NaNoWriMo, and decided that while jumping in and writing a novel from scratch with absolutely no plot in mind and no confidence that you would reach 50k words in 30 days, you decided that maybe 500 words a day would be a good start.

So here you are, on the 2nd of November, writing a blog entry. You noticed that 2s are becoming a thing, and you kind of want to continue it, but that would just be annoying and obnoxious.

You think about what to write, not just now, but for the rest of the month. Or the rest of your life. Hopefully the latter. You /do/ want to polish your writing skills in some way. You decide that coming up with ways to make your life sound interesting for 30 days would be a great challenge, but you don't want to push it. Anything would do then. Fanfic ideas, random realisations, interesting things that happened, things people said. You suppose the current challenge is to keep this up.

You check how many words you've typed up and you aren't even halfway to finishing your goal. You slowly rack your thinkpan for interesting things to say. Maybe you'll talk about your day? Oh! A thought has just struck you. You'll talk about Halloween. Well. Not Halloween exactly, but what you did during that particular day.

You are now Belfyre. Well. You're still Belfyre, but the Belfyre of the morning of the 31st of October. You start the day right and eat some breakfast. You and your mother then go to the grocery to grab candy. Can't have trick or treaters come by and be unprepared for that. You also take the opportunity to buy eyeshadow, lipstick, and pancake syrup, all of which contributed to your bitchin' costume. But that's for later. At the counter, the line is slow. The person in front of you must have bought stuff for their store. Actually, when you look at the other counters, several other store-owners must have bought stuff to sell. You and your mom swear never to go to that grocery again unless absolutely necesssary.

It is 2pm on the 31st of October, and you are microwaving gelatin. For your face. The night before, you watched a tutorial on how to make a fake Glasgow smile, and found a recipe for the scar stuff that only needed powdered gelatin, water, and corn syrup. Unfortunately, in your country, corn syrup is not a thing that is easily found on grocery shelves, so you settled for the pancake syrup that apparently contained corn syrup. You thought it was a slightly acceptable substitute since it smelled better than the video described. It did take you 4 tries to make it sticky enough, but hey. 4th time's the charm. Current!Belfer remembers that 2x2=4 and goddamnit you said you'd stop with the multitude of twos.

It is 4pm (ugh) on the 31st of October, and you are applying the cheap eyeshadow onto the gelatin mix on your face. It's a bit of a struggle, because the gelatin would move a bit too easily, and you only had cotton buds to apply the color, but eventually, you turn yourself into a mad doctor with a glasgow smile. You actually have no idea if those were a thing, but hey, if it scares the kids, you're good.

It is 6pm on the 31st of October, and there's a bunch of people lined up outside your makeshift tent wanting to scare their pants off. It doesn't work so well because the music isn't on, but eventually creepy beats begin their echo and soon you're scaring pair after pair of children who dare go into your tent as you thrust a bloody arm inside your patient's organs as you search for a treat. You really wish your brother would scream louder but he isn't cooperating.

It is 7pm on the 31st of October and you're done scaring children. You are the mad doctor. It is you.

It is 8pm on the 31st of October and you've removed your makeup and put it away. You've showered and you are enjoying a bowl of banana cream pie that your mom made, although it was a bit too wide. And the caramel was a bit too sticky. But it tasted good nonetheless.

It is 1230am on the 2nd of November and you think you could have done better, and plan to do so next year.

You currently have a lot of irons in the fire and wow good job you've added one more by doing this writing thing. Good thing your patron troll is at her strongest and you are feeling waves of awesome as you end your first entry for your daily writing stint.

The title for your entry is your first line in this script you're supposed to have memorised in 2 days. You wish yourself luck.
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