Oct. 24th, 2014

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It's been a while since I last posted an entry. I've wanted to write something multiple times, but for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to. Now, I'm happily full because of the best-tasting sushi I've ever had so far, and I'm in that comfortable zone between sleepy and not. I (think I) have a lot of things to talk about, so might as well get started, eh?


About a week ago I came to the realisation that if I would choose between taking up medicine and pursuing a career in theatre, I wouldn't be happy. I then decided to take up the challenge of accomplishing both. Within minutes I had a 3-year plan. Approximately. It's not easy, I know. It'll be a long and hard road, but to be able to pursue both of my passions, it's going to be worth it. I should probably make a checklist somewhere visible (I already have one in my planner). Forensic Pathology and Theatre. Not the most common of combinations, eh? I won't lie; I'm terrified and excited.


I reconnected with a friend of mine yesterday. We mostly stopped talking to each other about a year and a half before because of quadrant vacillations, but a few weeks ago, I tried reaching out. We began to chat again, and yesterday, we watched a play together. Well, ate dinner, watched a play and tried stargazing. It was a pretty great way to reconnect and de-stress, since he had a heavy week ahead of him and I hadn't had the chance to go out because of my theatre shows. Personally, I didn't feel any awkward silences; only comfortable ones because there wasn't any point in saying anything. I'm glad I kind of took the chance. It isn't the same as before, but that would have been asking for too much. But hey! Got my friend back. Pretty neat.


I wanted to laugh, but I'm a nice person.


My last entry was a bit of a flush-rage rant. I did go on that swim, and I did feel better afterwards. I think I've more-or-less accepted that the chances of anything happening are slim. Basically hoping for the best and expecting the worst. I don't know when to stop waiting though. That's pretty dangerous.

I think I've crossed to the realm of tiredness now. I should get to bed. I have a three-show day ahead of me tomorrow. HAPPINESS AND ENERGY!

Title from The Listener by Shira Nayman. One of the 50Php books I got. It's not boring, but it isn't particularly gripping either. Well. I'm only on the first 100 pages, so I can't completely judge it yet.


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