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I'm sleepy. Tired. Both. I really don't know what to write, despite the many things that happened today.

Do I write about my slight panic, as I woke up an hour & a half after my alarm clock rang the first time? It didn't matter. I wasn't late for my class. However, I wasn't able to accomplish the things I sad I would before I attended class.

Do I write about my CWTS class? About how we had new groupings which didn't make sense because we were already grouped together before? About how we played the name game I already experienced once before? About how we elected a team leader and came up with a literally cheezy team name? Or about how it looks like I'm going to be really tuckered out because of the activities, not that I'll particularly mind? About how I found what my pace factor is? What about how I watched the instructors rappel down the tower in the various ways I'm going to learn eventually?

Do I write about our theatre class photoshoot? About how there were only a few people who went? About how my wig fit me pretty well? About how I struggled to fit into the long gown that I had no trouble wearing not too long ago? About how I told myself I would lose weight before the production date? About how I just experimented with the makeup I had and how well it turned out?

Or how about my audition? How about that? Shall I write about how I was driving almost recklessly, as I removed my photoshoot makeup while on the road? Shall I write about how I asked a stranger if I was in the right building, even though I knew I was? About how I was early for my audition? About how the person who was supposed to be in the timeslot before me wasn't there yet and how I was asked to go ahead, even though I was supposed to go in about 10 minutes later? Do I talk about how little time I had to be nervous? About how nice the panel was, and about what they asked me? Do I talk about how hard it was for me to pick a song to stick to? Do I talk about how quick the audition felt and how much shorter it was than my drive to get there?

Do I talk about our rehearsal for theatre? About how we managed to get a room despite asking for it only that morning? About how I wasn't able to study my script as well as I wanted to? Do I write about my classmates helping me out by giving me ideas as to how I could make my Mary Sue-esque character more round? About how I implemented a couple of things I learned during the workshop I took over the summer?

Or do I write about what I had to do as soon as I got home? Shall I write about the lack of rest for the wicked?

I wonder. Maybe I'll write about my title. How it's the first part of a poem I'm supposed to read for another class.

Or maybe I'll just go to sleep.
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